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Must Read: Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Seatbelt


With regards to wearing a safety belt in Nigeria 40% of Nigerian street clients don’t think that its helpful or they belittle its handiness while the half that wears it don’t wear it religiously or they just wear it to take a selfie. The staying 10% that uses the safety belt do as such all together not to be fined by the law as indicated by a review led by a group of specialists.

As indicated by National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria recorded 11, 363 street mischances in 2016, the report expressed that 4,696 of the 5,053 Nigerians that got murdered, speaking to 93 percent of the figure were grown-ups, while the staying 357 Nigerians, speaking to seven percent of the figure are kids. Around half of these individuals could be spared in the event that they wore safety belts. Driver security is imperative. When you are in the driver’s seat, your activities will influence you, the general population you convey in the auto and any other person who happens to be out and about close you.

One approach to elevate security is to dependably wear your safety belt when the auto is in movement notwithstanding when you are driving inside your Estate since contemplates have demonstrated that 75% of auto collisions and wounds happen inside 25 miles of the home. Additionally, the greater part of all damage creating engine mishaps include low speed under 40mph.

Maybe, you don’t care for wearing a safety belt or don’t observe the undertaking to be vital, our rundown of motivations to wear a safety belt may simply alter your opinion.

1. Safety belt Saves Lives:

The capacity of the safety belts is to stop the forward energy of the driver and front traveler in case of a mishap. It is the best protection against street perils, forceful drivers, diverted drivers and so on. The front and back of an auto are intended to fold to assimilate the vicious stun of effect, and the safety belts would control the tenants and keep them down in the auto. Without the safety belts, forward force would crush the head and body into the directing wheel, dashboard, windshield or front seat.

2. It cooperates with Airbags:

We are in the day and age when front airbags are standard adornments, unquestioning confidence in the life-sparing property of airbags frequently degrades the significance of safety belts. The fact of the matter is airbags are intended to work in conjunction with safety belts, not freely or set up of safety belts. Without setting up a safety belt, an airbag won’t not extend sufficiently quick to pad the forward energy of the tenant and in specific cases furrowing intemperate into an airbag has been known to cause demise by suffocation.

3. It is the Law:

Wearing a safety belt is the law in any nation. In the event that you are gotten not wearing a safety belt you could confront costly fines and outcomes.

4. Wellbeing of our Children:

Kids in an auto are more defenseless against getting flung in case of a mischance. Safety belts chip away at best of different youngster limitation frameworks each custom fitted to the stature of the kid to fundamentally decrease the casualty rate of kids in auto crashes. Of each 100 kids who bite the dust in engine vehicle mishaps no less than, 80 would survive on the off chance that they were legitimately secured in an endorsed tyke wellbeing seat or seat strap.

5. Greatest insurance for pregnant ladies:

Wearing a safety belt is basic to the assurance of both mother and youngster. It is flawlessly ok for even vigorously pregnant ladies. It might be somewhat awkward for a hopeful mother however wearing a safety belt won’t hurt the child at all and it decreases the casualty danger of the mother without whom the hatchling’s odds of survival are troubling.

All in all, individuals have a general thought that the back safety belt isn’t helpful like that of the front, this isn’t valid. It is as imperative as the front safety belts. As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) wearing a front safety belt can diminish the danger of deadly damage by half while wearing a back safety belt can decrease the hazard by an incredible 75%.

Make wearing your safety belt a propensity. Whenever you get in an auto make sure to lock in, nobody intends to get into a mischance yet a safety belt can spare your life just in the event that you are wearing it.

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